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This fully automated system has been designed for two-way picking up of the raw glass pane ingots from the glass storage racking.

The glass is picked up for processing following preliminary selection of the operation from the RK control panel or on the basis of data supplied by the process sequence monitoring system (optimization).

The system is equipped with a transportation device (longitudinal travel), which allows picking up of the raw glass pane ingots one after another from two rows of glass storage locations (pyramids).

Mounted on the chassis are a hydraulic aggregate and a vacuum pump. The hydraulic aggregate feeds the prescribed oil pressure to the outgoing trolley, respectively the rotating frames. The vacuum pump provides the necessary vacuum for the suction units, which help lift the glass panes. The two rotating frames with the girdles of the suction units run on bearings in the chassis and are driven by hydraulic cylinders.

This station for fitting glass panes is equipped with a separation fixture.

The separation fixture guarantees that sticking together glass panes can be released and lifted. The separation fixture, however, is applicable and necessary only in the case of large size panes. The transportation rollers are put in motion by means of a chain gear and an electric motor fixed to the bottom side of the swivel-mounted frame.

The operation process is controlled by end cut-out switches located at different places.
By means of selection on the RK control panel three different sizes of glass pane ingots may be loaded for processing.




Max glass sizes
Min glass sizes
Glass pane thickness
Loading depth
Unloading positions
Unloading time

2750х3810 mm
1750х2000 mm
2 - 12 mm
600 mm
1 - 8
970* mm
3 min

3300х6000 mm
4 - 10 mm
1200 mm
2 - 6
970* mm
3 min

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