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A. Size of the glass sheet:
1. Standard size – 2250/2250/x3210 mm;
2. Large-size sheets – 3300 x 6000 mm;

B. Operation of the table with glass with speciality coating:
1. Solely cutting
2. Cutting with possibility to remove the speciality coating from certain areas.

C. Mode of positioning the glass sheet on the working top of the table:
1. Manual positioning:
- tilt the top board of the machine by lifting it to 80 degrees from the one side. Place the glass sheet on the mobile supports that come out of the top board as it is lifted. Place the top board horizontally and position it manually;
- manually feed the glass sheet without tilting up the top board to 80 degrees. This operation is performed by using a fork-type device that comes out of the top board of the machine. Place the glass sheet on it. The fork, as it recedes back into the table, occupies a horizontal position and places the glass on the top board.

2. Automatic feeding to the flat glass cutting tables
- together with one-sided or double-sided Automatic feeding Complex; by means of multi-operator (up to 10 pyramid stands for glass) automatic feeding Complexes (RZK-M) and (RZK-D-M) which provide rapid and automatic feeding of the glass sheets to the automated table.
- For this purpose the cutting table is equipped with in-built belt conveyors.


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